Lies & Scams in the Industry

Lies & Scams in the Hair Transplant Industry

Whatever happened to honesty in business, and getting what you paid for?

Time was that a person's word was as good as gold, and a handshake was an inviolable confirmation of many a business deal. But times have changed and so also the unscrupulous nature of some people. Now it seems that High Street lawyers have us fearful to buy cookies without complete nutritional information, a non-disclosure agreement and a signed contract.

The meltdown of business integrity has not bypassed the hair replacement industry either. Having been the target of some of these liars and scammers myself, I thought maybe you'd appreciate an insider's look at some of the lies and scams that I have to battle every day. I know that when you are aware of ways that you might be cheated, you will be able to spot the charlatans and snake oil salesmen. And I'll be here to give you the straight answers about any questions you may have concerning baldness and hair replacement.

Here is my list of the Top Ten Lies & Scams That Permeate the Hair Transplant Industry

1. Padding the numbers.

Pollsters and butchers have been fudging figures for generations. The hair transplant liars promise you a head of hair; but then they only deliver a small percentage of that. With High Density Hair Transplants, when you pay for a large sessions of 4,500 to 6,000 hairs you can be certain that you'll get every bit of that. You can count on it. Really! Go ahead and count.

2. Small sessions.

It really is a numbers game. If you need 6,000 hairs to cover a bald spot and the surgeon only transplants 3,000 hairs, then you'll have to return for a 2nd session–a 2nd trip to the clinic, a 2nd set of lost work days, a 2nd recuperation period, and above all, a 2nd doctor bill. Low numbers means repeat business for the clinic and repeat expenses for you. It's almost like planned obsolescence–the seller (the doctor) knows that the buyer (you) will be back. At High Density Hair Transplants we give you the maximum hair coverage that you want and that your health and donor hair availability will allow.

3. Spread the grafts.

Sure, we could space 1,000 hairs far enough from one another to cover a large area of your head. And from a distance, in low light and with a glance it might look good. But we won't do it. Because you will look in a mirror up close, and your friends will stand in front of you to converse and the sun will rise and folks will stare. And we know you won't be at all happy with an optical illusion. You want hair, lots of it, all over the place. And that's what you get from High Density Hair Transplants.

4. The Try-Before-You-Buy scam. "Free 20 grafts. See how painless our procedure is."

Has anybody ever taken the 20 free grafts and not returned to have a full transplant session? Of course not. Where would you like your 20 free hairs placed? On the left or on the right, or maybe smack in the middle of your bald
spot? Hair loss is no joke. Don't fool around with "free trials." Get your hair transplant done right the first time.

5. Less than full disclosure.

We all know how to lie by telling the truth or withholding vital pieces of the truth. How some of these weasels keep you distracted so that you never ask that most important question: How many hairs will it take to fully cover MY bald spot? They know that the cheaper small session is sufficient for some heads; but they also know that it might take two or three of them to satisfy you. Again, they're hoping to lure you in with a low price and tie you down to a 2nd or 3rd procedure later on. Who can believe that these smooth-tongues lizards are ignorant of the realities of hair transplant coverage? Are they just incompetent, or are they devious and malicious?

6. Doctor's photos or doctored photos?

I have no problem with using before and after photos of patients to demonstrate one's work; I do it myself. But I don't get a Hollywood studio to set up the shots so that a small transplant session looks like a mega-large session of 6,000 hairs. There's no special lighting or Photoshop touch-up. If anything, a lot of our testimonial pictures are so natural you'd think they were shot with a consumer camera under ambient light in the doctor's surgery. And they were!

I saw one set of photos online recently where the "patient" was wearing exactly the same clothes and sitting in the same environment for both the before and after shots. You could tell that they took the "after" shot first and then shaved a bald spot for the "before" photo. You don't have to trust our photos (though you can). Ask and we'll put you in touch with some of the many men and women who can show you up close and personal what a hair transplant can do for you.

7. Bordering on malpractice.

No, it's not illegal and it's not incompetence. It's just downright inconsiderate. Some surgeries operate for the convenience of the staff, taking regularly scheduled breaks. To prevent you from feeling pain they repeat the anaesthetics throughout the procedure. These unnecessary breaks may be nice for them, and at the time you don't mind either. But the additional anaesthesia means additional recovery time for you and increases the likelihood of facial swelling and pain after the drugs wear off. At High Density Hair Transplants, your welfare is our priority.

8. Mis/non-information about how hair thickening sprays can be used after a procedure.

They can cause serious infection if used too soon after your procedure. The fibres or chemical can absorbed by an unhealed operation site. It's not always what they say, but what they don't say. Full disclosure. Government regulation because of the need for consumer protection.

9. Chat room "loading", fake testimonials and reviews.

Dirty and dishonest tricks are not just in politics. One marketing professional told me recently that I needed lots of patient testimonials and that if I didn't have any we'd have to make up some. I didn't hire his services. If I have to invent online persona's so that I can take pot shots at my competition, then count me out. My integrity means more to me than any amount of money I might gain by dishonesty.

10. Is this a consultation or a high pressure sales call?

Do you pay the auto-mobile salesman for showing you his stock and answering your questions about your wants and needs? Of course not. What's it worth to have someone try to sell you something? I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want every one of my consults to sign up for a hair transplant procedure. But then, you should know that there are people that I've advised to forego the procedure altogether. As a consultant I offer you my best advice so that you can make an informed decision. After 30 years in this industry I ought to know something about what works and what doesn't, what's new and worthwhile and what's a bunch of hype. I also know what's true and what's a lie and a scam.

I consider myself one of the most accessible hair loss consultants on the net if you want advice on your hair problem. No problem, it's FREE!

Truth is my work as my 'hobby'. I get a buzz out of helping people get their confidence back. It's a whole lot easier understanding the problem when you've 'been there' yourself and then resolved the problem!

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