Gordon Mugged in Beverly Hills

Gordon Ramsey Mugged Beverly Hills

It's just been reported that celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey had had his hair transplanted for a cool 30k

This begs the question why he didn't contact "High Density Hair Transplants" in Athens and have a word with me? We would have performed the identical procedure F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) – No Scar Technique – for fraction of the price and the chances are that he wouldn't have had post-operative swelling to contend with either!

Gordon was reputed to have had 3000 grafts his recession areas and front hairline grafted during a 12 hour procedure that left him looking like he's just had 5 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Looking at his photos, I would guess that this was misreported by the press. That he will have had something like 3000 hairs and not grafts, unless the 2 man team assisting the surgeon were on "speed"!


Follicular Unit Extraction is a slow, intricate procedure and even the most experienced of operators working 3 handed (the surgeon plus to assistants) would find it nigh on impossible to 'plant' that many grafts in the space of 12 hours.

Added to which they appear to have worked in Gordon's recession areas, both sides of his hairline which, judging by the photos wouldn't have required more than 3000 hairs into such a confined area.

There's also good reasons why someone would suffer such extreme post operative swelling. The first being that if the team stopped for breaks during the 12 hours session, they will have had to pump in additional anaesthetic to numb the operation site to make up for the time away from the patient as the anaesthetic wears off.

Anaesthetic is liquid and takes time to dissipate. So pumping in large amounts of the drug is a sure-fire way of ensuring the patient is going to suffer swelling as the liquid drops into the eyes, cheeks and lower face until finally dissipating, which can take up to a week.

Had our surgeon performed Gordon's procedure, there would't have been any downtime during the op. Consequently, having to pump in additional anaesthesia to compensate for lost time wouldn't have been an issue.

Our 3000 hair (approximately 1400 grafts) F.U.E. procedure generally takes 7/8 hours and as our surgeon will tell you, they take their breaks after the procedure is completed and not during. Which is why it's almost a rare occurrence for someone to have even mild post operative swelling.

I can only hope if his good friend Wayne Rooney opts to have his own hair transplanted he will research his options a little more closely before paying 'Hollywood' prices for a procedure that we perform daily for under 5k!

Maybe Gordon got confused by the Clinic name, 'Armani' and thought they he was going to get a new wardrobe of clothes into the deal?

Which leads me very nicely into the moral of this story:

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Malcolm Mendelsohn.

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