Wayne Rooney for PM Anyone?

Wayne Rooney for PM Anyone?

Wayne Rooney fue hair transplant

As a former Mancunian, I'm almost ashamed to admit that I have absolutely no interest in football. Whether it be Manchester United or Manchester City it really doesn't matter to me.

Had you asked me who Wayne Rooney was I would have told you he was probably one of the most skilful and successful footballers in the world today and a household name, not only in the UK but across the globe. Ask me what number he wears and I wouldn't have a clue.

The Wayne Rooney hair transplant has become public knowledge and has transformed his look, he has pulled it off completely and is definitely now my favourite footballer.

So why, in a few short months do I now feel that Wayne Rooney is one of the coolest guys on the planet? The answer is simple. He had his hair transplanted!

That was all it took to change the public's image of the bad old days of Hair Transplant Surgery. The days of Elton John and his failed 'plug' surgery. When they drilled out 4.5mm plugs of hair bearing skin with a Black and Decker drill from the back of your head and then dropped them into 4.5mm holes drilled out of the bald areas with the same drill.

The days when Comedian Russ Abbott had the scars left behind from his 'plug' surgery removed at a later date. The days when a doctor left his patient mid way between his hair transplant to test drive his new car. The days when the 'News of The World' featured the inevitable 'horror stories' attached to the old, archaic method of combating baldness.

All it took was for MY NEW HERO and one or two lesser mortals like James Nesbitt and Jason Donovan to reverse their baldness and WHOOSH! A new era has begun.

The Great British Public now has all the proof they need that Hair Restoration has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years. No scars, no pain, no hassle.

Wayne (bless him) was reputed to have paid 20k for his new locks? Well between you, me and the rest of the hair transplant industry, I don't believe for 1 minute that 'Our Wayne' paid a cent for his new curls!

The clinic responsible will have been 'set up' for life. They will never have to advertise again? Their order books will be filled months, nay years in advance. Can you really see them asking him for a measly 20k? I don't think so.

What I do think however, is the clinic concerned will have asked MY BUDDY WAYNE to put it about that he'd paid 20k. That way they could then demand and get 'top dollar' for their services.

Top Dollar £20.000! for a procedure that we offer you here in Greece for £5750 inclusive of your flight (up to £250) and 2 nights hotel accommodation.

£5750 for an extended session that can give you up to 3000 grafts (6600 hairs), restore your confidence and self esteem, and knock a good few years off your age, in one kick of the ball!

During 2012, I will be back in the UK to conduct Free NO PRESSURE Home Consultations and digital Pro Scope Test to assess your current and future hair loss trends.

These consultations are being held at the homes of FORMER PATIENTS....who have kindly agreed to share their experiences with you if you wish to come along.

I will also happily chat to you about my own hair loss, and the procedures I have had done. That's me below, showing 'before' and 'after' images. The image on the left is an old one showing 'plug' surgery I had back in the 1980′s! The image on the right is a more up to date one and shows just how much hair loss surgery has progressed since those days. My hair line has been lowered and thickened here in Greece using our state of the art modern procedures.

Numbers are limited so as to maintain the informal nature of the consultations and give me time to chat with everyone individually, and also for you to get to chat with everyone else!

We have done a few of these events now and each one has been a very enjoyable evening and a great success.

You won't be under any pressure at all, you are welcome to come along just to have a chat and find out information about the latest developments in hair transplantation.

These get-together's are very informal, and certainly NO high pressure sales. That's simply not how we work.

Please let me know if you want more details about the events, and where the venues will be.

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