Wearing Thin Wayne?

Wearing Thin Wayne

On our blog we have already made clear our respect for Wayne Rooney when he was brave enough to go completely public about his hair restoration procedure. We believed it generated extremely positive publicity for our industry. However, the press are now questioning the value of his recent Hair Transplant Procedure.

Headlines asks the question, 'Is Roo's Hair Transplant wearing a bit thin already'?

Here is our take on this..... Is Transplanted Hair Permanent? Well the answer is a profound YES!

Wayne's transplanted hair will never thin because his new growth was taken from the thickest, coarsest part of his scalp where the roots are permanent and not affected by 'Male Pattern Baldness'. As with all hair follicles within the 'tonsure' zone hey will fall out and then regrow again from root at the end of their 'cycle, (approximately 6 years).

Wayne's Existing Hair

What is likely to be the case is that Wayne Rooney's new hair 'grafts' were planted at a time he had some of his original growth. This growth too will likely have fallen prey to his 'Male pattern baldness, leaving only his newly transplanted hair to compensate.

Graft Spacing

If you were able to have a closer look at Wayne's newly planted grafts, you will see that there are spaces between them. This is because initially, the grafts have to be spaced slightly apart. No closer than the graft size itself.

Planting the grafts too closely together can compromise the blood supply to the new roots. Resulting with the new grafts having to literally fight one-another for blood supply. Those that win, flourish. Those that lose will shed.

Once the original grafts have sustained their blood supply, more grafts can be planted into the spaces to achieve more density without compromising the original grafts blood supply. Which no doubt will be Wayne's next plan?

It's All About The Donor.

Achieving good density from One hair transplant is dependent on how dense the patients hair is in the 'donor' area from where the grafts are harvested.

If the patients donor hair texture is good, as opposed to lank and thin. Is pretty dense and closely packed in his or hers donor site, it's possible to achieve the desired result in One session. Then most people want as much volume as is possible and will continue onto a second procedure.

However to achieve 'close proximity' grafting is an art in itself and takes an experienced surgeon to gauge the distances between the tiny grafts.

HDHT's Surgeon Dr. Fots Tsounis has had more 17 years experience in Hair Transplanting. He and his main assistant Maria Boziaka have been working as a team for 11 years.

How Much Did Rooney pay?

Well if you read my blog, you'll read that I would imagine the publicity value to the clinic would more than compensate his getting a freebie?:

However, I've heard the price being banded around of somewhere between £20,000 and £30,000?

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