Dimitri Panagiotakopoulos Assistant Nurse

Dimitri Panagiotou

Dr. Dimitri Panagiotakopoulos

Dr. Dimitri Panagiotou has worked with our team assisting our surgeon for the past 2 years and has fast become a valuable asset.

Dimitri was born in Germany and then moved to South Africa at the young age of just 1 year old. He then returned to Greece at age 12. Where he was further educated at the "Campion English School Athens". After which he continued his medical training in Romania.

Among Dimitri's interests Religion plays a role. Not just his own, he is interested in other world religions as well.
Another part of his love of his motorbike. The Motorbike culture is huge in Greece and Dimitris is truly a part of it.

Above all Dimitri's history of caring and concern toward fellow human beings is mirrored by his attention to detail when caring for our British patients in Athens