Mal's Final F. U.E. Procedure

Mal's Final F. U.E. Procedure

Having Had Multiple Hair Transplants I Have Limited Donor Grafts Available.

As the introduction to my video explains, I have recently lost all of my 'natural' growth due to stress related illness. All of my remaining hair is growth from multiple hair transplant procedures spanning a good number of years. Procedures that I have had, as and when I continued to suffer further hair loss.

Due to the number of hair transplants procedures I have had previously, my donor hair availability was limited. Over-harvesting the remaining donor site risked me showing the scarring that my remaining hair was currently disguising. My video clearly indicates the care my surgeon and his team took to avoid causing me unnecessary embarrassment has achieved the results I hoped for. 


Mals F.U.E. Procedure 2 Weeks Post Op


Mal 3 Months Post Op


Mal 4 Months Post Op


Mal's Final Result

mals final result fue