Glad to help you Pav

Pav's Hair Transplant Story

Hi Mal, Just wanted to thank you for helping me tackle an issue I have had for the last couple of years. As you know being only 26, I had pretty bad crowning and recession issues (although I had a lot of hair elsewhere) which caused me major confidence issues and I wasted a lot of time on covering up my balding areas.

Your advice and patience throughout has been invaluable to me. I am a person that believes in value and experience, which is what I felt you most succeeded in. I appreciated your one-on-one time, driving miles away just to take me out for dinner, as well as, phone calls asking how I was doing. I had no doubt about the Surgery as you made me feel very comfortable about the process, but in saying that the Doctor and his team were brilliant, made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

I didn't need to shop around in the UK as Mal's prices were easily the best out there. I lived in North America and looked at prices out there and he was still cheaper. One approach I appreciate about Mal is he never hard sold, he knows his team is good, he let me decide by myself and if needed, he answered any questions I had. We spoke via Skype a couple of times and answered all my questions. Even with the huge time difference, Mal answered all my emails.

I decide to go Athens were I could get my procedure done and have a holiday at the same time. Mal was there to pick me up as promised and take me to the hotel. The hotel was very nice, with very friendly staff. The complimentary breakfast was good and a good place to relax every morning, whilst browsing on the internet.

I had the FUE procedure. I was keen on not having a scar and not having to have a hair transplant in the future. I got just over 2,000 grafts in the front and crown, with the Doctor explaining this is the best option so the balding areas were packed. I am pleased to say after only 1 weeks, my hair covered the donor area at the back of my head, there is no irritation and I can now see my hair coming through at a grade 2. I finally see a path to self confidence again.

I want to finish by saying that Mal's is a great guy, who puts in a lot of effort, as well as, makes sure that the patient is always happy. I would recommend Mal and HDHT Athens to anyone.