Hair Transplant Growth After 1 Year!

Hair Transplant Growth After 1 Year!

hair growth after transplant

Cristo Foufas, well known presenter on LBC (London's Biggest Conversation) on 97.3 FM, talks about his recent experience and procedure here at HDHT

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Cristo Foufas

"I came to HDHT as I was starting to get self conscious about my hair loss, and wanted a solution which was reasonably priced, but more importantly not too painful!

I'd had consultations about other procedures before which seemed to be quite invasive, especially as they involved physically cutting my scalp; something I really wasn't keen on having done.

I was extremely relieved when HDHT explained to me that their procedure, put quite simply, involved the transplanting of individual hairs from the back of my head, onto the top. The only pain I would feel would be from a needle, the kind you get from an injection; far less intrusive than my scalp actually being cut which is what other clinics offer.

It was this, as well as the reassurance offered to me from the HDHT team which convinced me to go ahead with the treatment, and it really was the right decision for me and one which I don't regret. The procedure itself took about 6/7 hours, during which time I was looked after wonderfully by the team, who answered all my questions (I had quite a lot!) and kept providing me with reassurance. I genuinely felt I was in the hands of professionals. I was also given all the medication and information required to ensure all was well once I left the surgery.

Within a year I have growth on my head where I was once bald, which really is an astonishing result to me, bearing in mind the ease and speed of the procedure. I'd definitely recommend HDHT to others if you're looking for a cost- effective solution to your hair loss, which is carried out by friendly and caring professionals".

hair transplant growth after 1 year