Barry's Story

Barry's Hair Transplant Story

I started life as a High Density Hair Transplant patient and now help occasionally on the patient support side in the UK.

I had my transplant surgery in Oct last year and the results have literally transformed my looks and confidence.

I've added some of my pics so you can see for yourself. The first one was taken the day before my procedure. I went to Athens with my two girls and we enjoyed a week in the sun at the same time. As you can see my hair loss was significant.

The second pic was taken in June 2013, you can see growth is coming through but the hair is still getting established. The whole growth phase takes up to 12 months to complete so nobody will know you will have had surgery if you don't want them to.

barry-hair-transplant-resultsThe last pic was taken last week. As you can see the hair is much thicker and more established. I have just returned from Athens having had a second procedure to lower my hairline slightly and build up my density. This was mainly due to the extent of my baldness but you may not need to have more than one. I know that this time next year I will have a full head of healthy hair and will look and feel great.

Hope these pictures help to confirm your decision to use HDHT for your treatment. I can't thank Mal and his team enough for what they did for me. There really is no better or cheaper treatment out there.

I get into London every Wednesday and Friday and work around the Holborn / Chancery Lane area. Give me a call on my mobile 0779 668 6247 and we can arrange a meeting to answer any questions you might have and to assess your suitability for surgery.

I look forward to hearing from you.