John from Scotland

John from Scotland

From John C. (Scotland) Here are some images of John, both before, during and after his procedure.

I have always had a hairline that was slightly receded but it never went any further back up until I turned 32.

I started to notice just after my son was born that I had become a little thin at the front and I had a bit of thinning just behind my front hair line. I knew I had to do something about this so I went about this and started my hair transplant research there and then this was just over three years ago as I wanted to know what I could do to stop this.

I then saw an ad in my local newspaper for the clinic, so I called them and spoke to Malcolm who gave me some advice and we also had a short discussion on what he could offer me with regards my own hair loss problem.

He also advised me to speak to a former patient to ask him about his results and his experience which put me straight at ease as there was no pressure from Malcolm at any point. If you didn't know as I didn't at that time we all should speak to former patients get the facts & evidence from them as they are the best people to tell you the truth about any organisation and there experience.


I called this person who I must say was very sympathetic to my situation as he could relate to every thing I was saying as he had went through the same emotion's I had. We agreed to met up which we did at his home and he gave me all his knowledge and expertise into this subject and spoke very highly with regards HDHT & Malcolm and his team at the clinic he also discussed his procedure & results which were evident to see at first hand he also showed me picture evidence of his procedure to validate his experience.

I remember (laughing now) that I had asked this person if I could pull his hair as the main reason was that it looked that good and natural I didn't think he had had anything done until as I said previously he showed me his photographic evidence.

I must admit even now I didn't think he would let me but he did and he let me go though his hair and have a close up look were I could see no scaring what to so ever or any baldness to his head . He was proud of what he had achieved , his procedure was two years before so all of his new hairs had grown in.

At that time I didn't think for one minute that you could achieve a result like that but here was the evidence to prove it. He also spoke about his procedure and how he was very impressed by the service he had received from Malcolm and his team.

I must admit it was the best way to get help and the confidence I needed as well as the knowledge to know that you are not just stuck with the fear of receding further or indeed going completely bald you can do something about and again here was the proof.

On my return to my house that that evening I had a full discussion with my partner Margaret who knew what I was doing and completely back me up 100% and I decided that evening to go head with booking my own procedure.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a major heart condition (dilated cardiomyopathy only a month later at the grand old age of 32 which put everything on hold hence the three year wait. I have since been advised by my cardiologist after numerous tests and some medication that I am fully fit to resume my life.

During this time I had a lot of time to think things through and had promised myself that if I could get through this then the first thing I would do is sort out my hair loss problem.I gave Malcolm a call one month later and we arranged to meet up in Manchester.

We had a very relaxed no pressure meeting where we talked over what I wanted and what expectations I had and also what he could offer me. Malcolm was over in the UK as promised on one of his business trips. He examined my hair loss and advised that although my problem was minor he could fix this with an F.U.E. session he advised me on the price of the procedure and again didn't put any pressure on me he advised me to contact him if and when I was ready.

Malcolm was made aware of my heart conditions at that meeting. He arranged a special meeting with his surgeon when he got back to discuss if I could have this procedure before I made any payment in vain.

It was clear to me at this stage I could trust this man. Malcolm gave me the name of the anaesthetic and confirmed he had been given the go ahead by the surgeon that it was perfectly safe to have the procedure if I wanted to. I passed the name of the anaesthetic onto my GP who confirmed that the surgeon was correct with his information which gave me more confidence in Malcolms Team.

The Family and me decided to take a 4 day holiday to Athens were I could get my procedure done and Margaret could go shopping with our Son and relax in the warm sunshine. We landed at 00:40 in the Morning and sure to his word Malcolm was there to pick us up and take us to the hotel.

The hotel was clean and very relaxing with a lovely roof top pool with some stunning views I must also mention the food was excellent along with a well stocked bar for refreshments( I am a Scotsman after all) ,the staff were very welcoming and they were aware of why I was there, they treated my family with a great deal of hospitality and myself with a great deal of confidentiality if you wanted a quite night you could have that if you wanted to have a lively night then you could have that too.

I can confirm that what Malcolm advertises he will provide you with this, as his former patients will describe on his web site they are all 100% correct (I am now proud to say that I am a former patient) You get what he says you will and you will get it at a far better price than anywhere in the UK or the USA.

I can confirm that the surgeon and his team are at the top of their game and that the clinic is absolutely spotless. I can also ensure anyone that the procedure was so painless and easy that I actually fell asleep during the procedure as it was that relaxed, I would not hesitated to come back if it is is required but this I will doubt very much as it will not be needed.

I had the FUE procedure done which is where I have had the hairs taken out one by one from the back of my head & transplanted into the area's where I wanted and needed them. I got 2,500 new hairs to the front of my hair line which is completely packed with new healthy hairs just ready to starting growing.In-fact they have already started to and this was only 5 weeks ago.I am so pleased that I found Malcolm and his clinic as it has completely changed my life for the better.

Malcolm does what he says he will he is the most honest and hard working man you will meet
I have in fact had Malcolm stay with myself and my family after we returned home, this was due to Malcolm being back here in Scotland on business. I thought it only descent to return the hospitality and welcome we received in Athens.

I have seen first hand what can be achieved at HDHT and I am testament to what can be done and what value you will get for your money. This is a highly competitive market but be assured if you choose HDHT you will be guaranteed a great all round quality service and experience that only his competitors can wish they could offer at the price he offers.

Warm Regards,