Thanks to Paul for his story

Thanks to Paul for his story

I have actor James Nesbitt to thank for regenerating my interest in hair replacement surgery. His recent public admission that he had undergone a clearly successful hair transplant encouraged me to have another look at the latest available techniques.

My hair started thinning at the front when I was about 25 (1978) and like most men this happens to, I was devastated. This loss continued steadily until, by 1998, the only remaining hair was around the side and back of my head with nothing left on top (the veritable "Ring of NO Confidence").

By then I had seen the various futile attempts of Elton John and other celebrities to reclaim their youthful looks deciding it was all money wasted, it plainly did not work. The results that were being achieved then were somewhat less than encouraging with post op heads sporting clumps of hair and looking just like that on a toy doll.. If ever I was going to consider spending thousands of pounds on a new, younger look, it would primarily have to appear natural.

In 2001 I decided to shave my head completely and thereafter continued with this approach for the next ten years. Friends and family all agreed that I looked younger when completely bald than with the remains of my hair still showing.

Fast forward to 2011 when in February a Google search on the internet threw up a comprehensive list of websites offering a range of replacement methods and prices.The one that caught my eye above all of the others was the High Density Hair Transplants (HDHT) clinic. Their state of the art techniques and very competitive pricing made them the obvious choice to follow up. A telephone call to Malcolm Mendelsohn, the British representative of HDHT based in Athens, Greece, led to arranging a home visit for a chat and initial assessment of my options. One week later during a half hour meeting at my home, Malcolm showed me his own almost invisible donor scar and the hair cover achieved on his recipient site. I decided to delay no longer and agreed to have the transplant BIG session which involved taking a strip of donor hair from the back of my head then transplanting the harvested follicles in the recipient area. All this could be done in one session lasting approximately five hours and creating in the region of 6000 hairs. The price would be about half that of similar procedures currently performed in UK clinics and included 2 nights 4* accommodation, a generous allowance for the flight and chaperoned transport whilst in Greece. This coupled with being treated to an evening meal and drinks with Malcolm on the day before the procedure. I paid a deposit and set the date for my trip.

I will not describe the outstanding care and hospitality I received whilst at the clinic on the treatment day as similar experiences have already been extensively documented in previous testimonies.

It is now just seven days since my transplant and I must say that I am so far delighted with the progress. The donor stitches come out tomorrow and the blood spots are washing away with every shower. There has been no significant pain or great discomfort either during the clinical procedure or in the days since. In fact the only minor discomfort occurred whilst the anaesthetic was being administered. I have experienced a minor amount of facial swelling on my forehead but this lasted only about 2 hours on Day 3.

For anyone seriously considering a hair replacement procedure I urge you to contact Malcolm at HDHT as you could save yourself a lot of money and valuable time. Do not be put off by the 'foreign' location because the expertise, care and attention you will receive whilst in Athens equals the best you could hope for at any UK based clinic. I will update you on my progress during the coming months whilst waiting in anticipation for the final result expected sometime early in 2012.