High Density Hair Transplants Testimonial

On a recent holiday my wife remarked that my hair was starting to look thin, a combination of the bright sunlight and wet hair from the pool making it more pronounced.

As a 60 year old this wasn't particularly surprising, especially as I had a small procedure 20 year previous to fill in the recession at the front of my head, the well known widows peak. This was carried out in Australia ,where I lived at the time, using the strip harvesting method. The process was very straight forward, but also very invasive, as a large strip at the back of my head was removed to provide the donor follicles .This was then sutured. It did however work very successfully.

I decided to research the latest techniques and decided that the less invasive FUE was the best option. As a scientist I must admit I spent months investigating all the options and details.

After narrowing the selection down, I contacted a couple of companies to arrange a consultation. One of these companies ,who were recently promoted on a TV programme, arranged a date and time, then the day before cancelled the appointment at the last minute. Of the others HDHT were the most professional ,quick response, excellent detail and the option to have the assessment over Skype, which saved me the trouble of making 2 trips to London.

On the day of the procedure I made the trip to Harley Street and was very impressed by the process. Dr Fotis Tsounis and his nurse/technician Marie Boziaka were very professional and at the same time made you feel relaxed. The procedure took about 4 hours, including coffee breaks and was almost painless, you do obviously feel the needle from the local anaesthetic, more so at the front than the back. During the procedure all steps were explained in detail probably because I asked so many questions. At the end the post operative instructions were very thorough and any medication required was provided. Overall certainly a major step forward from my session 20 years ago and a lot less stressful.

On arriving home I was again impressed by the follow up. Malcolm who I had talked to on Skype during the procedure, had e‐mailed to check everything was ok and make sure I was happy with the outcome.

In summary a very professional company and one I would highly recommend. As a footnote price was not a major issue in my decision to use HDHT but they were significantly cheaper than others were quoting. Now it's wait and see, if anyone is interested I will give an update in a couple of months when first of the growth comes through. I was advised to expect full result at the 11th month.

Dr W.M