Cristo Foufas Radio Presenter Hair Transplant

Cristo Foufas After Hair Transplant

Cristo Foufas, one of London's top radio presenters, had his hair transplant procedure here at HDHT. It's now over a year since Cristo had his procedure with us here in Athens.

You can read Cristo's own story, and see photos of his results, in our blog, here

Watch the videos of his procedure (the videos are all in a playlist) staring with his pre-op consultation with our surgeon, right through to his post-op interview.

  1. Pre-Op Consultation with Dr.Tsounis
  2. Using a Digital Proscope
  3. Preparation for F.U.E
  4. Extracting the follicular units begins
  5. Planting hair follicles
  6. Cristo talks about his experience

  1. Cristo meets Dr. Tsounis for the first time. Cristo was one of the most NERVOUS and SCEPTICAL of patients I can recall ever meeting.
  2. Cristo has his DENSITY CHECKED using a Digital Pro Scope to identify current and future trends toward hair loss. Then to identify the density of the patient's 'donor' areas at the back of the scalp. Pointing out the BIGGER GRAFTS with the most hair content.
  3. Preparation for Cristo's Procedure. First shaving the DONOR AREA. Then applying the anaesthetic and relaxing some 20 minutes for the anaesthetic to work.
  4. Dr. Tsounis marking out Cristo's HAIRLINE and RECESSION AREAS. Then applying further anaesthetic to the Donor area and starting the process of removing DONOR GRAFTS. in preparation for 'PLANTING'.
  5. Dr. Tsounis is making the holes in which to PLANT the new GRAFTS. Then his nurse/technician Maria Boziaka planting the new hairs. into the pre-made recipient holes.
  6. It's all over. A very nervous and sceptical Cristo Foufas has transformed into a RELAXED and CONFIDENT man. Looking forward to his FINAL RESULT.
  7. Cristo Foufas Post treatment interview after receiving a high density hair transplant.