Warning: Beware of FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

Warning: Beware of cheap transplants

Considering F.U.E. in Turkey?

If you have seen the incredibly cheap prices of hair transplants in Turkey amongst other places, then we must warn you about some practices that could leave you looking similar to some of the examples we have found by searching on Google.

Procedures where young trainees without medical qualifications perform your surgery. With the doctor only checking your progress, as opposed to being involved him or herself? If you haven't already read our blog post "on your head be it" then we suggest you give it a read through.

Below is a video we found on YouTube that was created by an unhappy customer of a Turkish hair transplant company.As you can see from the images in this video, the surgery has left the patients with little to no growth at all! Even worse is the scarring and the lack of donor hair remaining. Having one of these transplants can leave you with no further donor hair to use if/when the transplant is unsuccessful.

Another common practice is failing to plant the new grafts in the direction of the patients original growth. with the hairs growing in the wrong direction. Or worse still, with the hairs growing straight upwards from the scalp, leaving it impossible to part your hair in any direction!

Just take a look at these images I've attached where the patient's hair is growing in varying directions.


Don't take our word for it! Here is a link to a Google search for "bad hair transplant Turkey" we suggest you have a look through some of the results.

Remember you have been WARNED about the implications of these cheap and nasty hair transplants. Please be careful and ask to be put in touch with their former patients to see results for yourself. AND get assurances that the surgeon/doctors themselves are involved in your procedure and not delegating hair transplant to young, inexperienced trainees.

You can have a free Skype consultation with Mal to view his final results and ask him any questions you might have.

Watch Mal's Hair Transplant

Mal Mendelsohn is co partner with Dr. Tsounis of High Density Hair Transplants. and what better way to show you the results of our surgery than watching a member of our team being operated by our surgeon Dr. Fotis Tsounis.

Mal's Results

The following images are 3 months and 4 months after Mal's hair transplant. As you can see the scalp is already starting to darken, which is the new growth.



Mal's Final Result